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Vulture Funds

Vulture Funds!! Has your loan book recently been sold to a Vulture Fund? The Insolvency [...]

Carlow Farm Saved From Sale…

📍A 74 year old farmer from Carlow has saved his land from sale through a [...]

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You are not the only one who is [...]

Alternative Repayment Arrangement/Vulture Fund

Are you in an Alternative Repayment Arrangement with your lender? Has your loan book been [...]

Co-operate with your creditors!

As ‘A Debtor’ it’s important that you co-operate with your creditors at all time. Ways [...]

Unusual PIA’s Approved for Limerick Couple.

Limerick couple’s family home saved from repossession. Their ‘unusual’ Personal Insolvency Arrangements were approved in [...]