Lockdown in Ireland until 05 May 2020

Lockdown in place in Ireland until 05 May 2020.
We at R Hendy & Co are deemed an essential service and are working remotely. Are you in mortgage arrears or have you got debts that you cannot get on top of? Then this is your time to contact R Hendy & Co. Only because the country is in a lockdown does not mean after lockdown your debts are going to disappear. Take the first step today and contact our Insolvency Department on 0402 29376. At present we are not taking meetings face to face but with technology these days you can have a meeting with a Personal Insolvency Practitioner over the phone or maybe even a video call on skype or zoom. If you are in mortgage arrears you are eligible for an Abhaile Voucher, this covers all costs for your initial meeting with a PIP. Get your advices given to you today, and lets get your mortgage and debts back on track.