Change in Circumstance?

Have your family had a recent change in circumstance?
Do you find yourself in a predicament where you are now paying a mortgage with one income instead of two?
Someone passed away? Someone has developed an illness? Someone has became unemployed? Whatever the reason may be, you cannot afford the mortgage with 1 income.
Then it’s time to phone R Hendy & Co.

We act as your Personal Insolvency Practitioner and liaise with your creditors. We try to re-structure your mortgage to make it affordable for the household, either by writing off a certain portion of the mortgage, extending the term loan or even changing the interest rates. We put forward different proposals to your creditors and if agreed you will be put into an Insolvency Arrangement for a period of time. After your arrangement is complete, you will continue to make mortgage repayments as to what was agreed in the arrangement. This can be life changing for some people who find themselves in the above situations. Contact us and we will try our very best for you.