You are insolvent if you are unable to pay your debts in full as they fall due and there is no likelihood of doing so within 3 years.

One of your options would be to seek a Debt Relief Notice (DRN), you are only eligible to seek a DRN if you meet the general conditions set out below:

  1. You have a net monthly disposable income of €60 or less after reasonable living expenses (which will be calculated by the AI on a case by case basis using a standard template);
  2. You owe €35,000 or less in respect of your qualifying debts;
  3. You have assets of €400 or less (you are also allowed 1 item of jewellery not exceeding a value of €750, one motor vehicle worth a value of €2,000 or less and reasonably necessary household equipment/tools the combined value of which may not exceed €6,000);
  4. Your domicile must be in the Republic of Ireland, or you must have, within the past year ordinarily resided or had a place of business within the Republic of Ireland;
  5. You must not have incurred 25% or more of your debt during the past 6 months;

If you think this might be an option for you, you will need an Approved Intermediary, please contact  R. Hendy & Co. so we can send you in the right direction.

Listing of Approved Intermediary’s AI Listing

You can see the most recent information booklet published by Insolvency Service Ireland here DRN

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Options  Level / Type of Debt Income Assets Required Intermediary
DRN Under €35,000 Under €60 per month* Max. €400 Approved Intermediary
DSA Unsecured only No Max No Max Personal Insolvency   Practitioner 
PIA Secured** and unsecured No Max No Max Personal Insolvency   Practitioner