We understand sometimes you need to concentrate on keeping up with the demands of your customers – whether it’s getting products out or stretching your limits to provide the best possible service.

We understand that sometimes putting VAT records or payroll together is not the most appealing task after a long day or busy week and other times you need to spend with your family.

That’s where we come in.
At R Hendy & Co we can assist you in doing the more mundane “keeping the tax man happy” parts of running your own business or company.
We can prepare VAT records in accordance with your filing requirements, whether it’s bi-monthly, quarterly or annually.
BUT if you prepare your own records we can still help – our team have experience in a wide range of bookkeeping packages and can remotely and securely log on to your PC (we can’t unless you allow us) to make sure we have the full picture and provide the most thorough advice and assistance possible.
Whatever your bookkeeping requirements contact us and we will tailor our service to suit you.
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