Upcoming filing dates

September, October and November are the busiest times of the year in the accountancy and tax world.

21 September, 2015 (23 for ROS filers) – Corporation Tax pay and file deadline for companies with 31 December year end.   Therefore if your company has a 31 December, 2014 year end you must ensure the Corporation Tax return is filed and any balance due is paid before this date to avoid surcharges, interest and penalties.

31 October, 2015 – Income Tax pay and file deadline for tax year 2014 – this is the date applicable to the submission of manual returns together with payment of any balance due and preliminary tax payment for 2015.

12 November, 2015 – Income Tax pay and file deadline for tax year 2014 for ROS (Revenue Online System) users.  The Income Tax return, any payment necessary for 2014 and preliminary tax for 2015 MUST BE done through ROS for this date to apply.

21 November, 2015 (23 for ROS filers) – Preliminary Corporation Tax payment deadline for companies with 31 December, 2015 year end.

If you think any of the above dates apply to you please contact our office on 0402 29376.


New subsistence rates from 1 July, 2015

The Revenue Commissioners have updated the Civil Service subsistence rate applicable from 1 July, 2015.

The rate for absences from the normal place of work for one day in excess of 10 hours has remained unchanged (€33.61), however the rate for absences between 5 and 10 hours has increased by 30c to €14.01 per day.

The overnight rates have increased.

All the rates applicable from 1 July, 2015 can be found on the Revenue’s IT 54 Employees’ Subsistence Expenses leaflet.

Maintenance of correct records is essential when claiming Civil Service subsistence rates.

Please contact our office for further details on 0402 29376

Reduced Bankruptcy Costs

It has been announced today that applications for bankruptcy will no longer need to stamped, reducing the fee by approximately €200.00.

Please contact our office if we can be of any assistance in relation to Personal Insolvency on 0402 29376 or 053 9235134.


The National Internship Programme (Jobbridge) is a job initiative programme published in 2011.

The aim of Jobbridge is to keep unemployed people close to the labour market, provide them with the opportunity to gain work experience and thereby increase their employability and to facilitate employers contributing to the national activation agenda by providing internships.

Those participating in the scheme through the Department of Social Protection will receive a weekly €50 top up on their existing social welfare entitlements.

Further information relating to Jobbridge can be found here.